Lamp Makeover For Under $10

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So the time has come for us to move out of our tiny cramped two bedroom apartment and into our not so tiny three bedroom house. YAY! There's just so much decorating, that I'm beyond thrilled and bursting at the seams from excitement. Anyway I'm currently pacing myself and my first tackle is the Master Bedroom, now there is just so much to do but for some reason lamps was my top priority.

A few months ago, I found a pair of hideous pink 'PLEASE SAVE ME' lamps while Goodwill hunting. . . only costed me $4.00.

At the time our apartment didn't need anymore light fixtures but for $4.00 how could I say no right?! Moving into our new place was the perfect opportunity to pull these bad boys out and bring them back to life.

Since the lamps are glass there was literally NO cleaning involved besides your basic 'spit & shine' (glass-cleaner). I thought I would have a problem with removing the ribbon around the base, but since it was so old the glue just sort of crumbled as I pulled it off. So I just wiped them down and it was time to paint.

I must say that these are the perfect lamps for spray paint! I used Krylon- Metallic Silver Spray Paint Mr.B of course had to give me a pre-lecture of spraying too hard and making the paint run.. . .Blah!Blah!Blah! I used light consistent slow sprays until I covered them completely. It took me about 2-3 coats {I'm sure I over-did it, but hey I like full coverage}.

I loooooove how my lamps turned out.I found the lampshades at Ross on clearance for $6.00. Not bad for a Goodwill haul! Best part is I have 2 amazing bedside lamps for $10 total {Spray paint was not included in total price since it was from our spray stash}.

                                                One project down. . . A zillion more to go
                        I can't wait to show you more progress as we complete one room at a time!

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