Mini Apple Rose Pies

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I'm absolutely obsessed with all things mini such as mini pigs, teacup puppies, mini cupcakes, and of course mini pies. . . . .  Yes mini pies have been rocking my world lately. I'm sure everyone has seen this delicious recipe floating around Facebook and Pinterest about the ever so adorable mini apple pies. I felt obligated as a bake goods lover to at least attempt to make one. I must admit in the back of my mind I thought this was definitely going to end up as a Pinterest Fail, but shockingly the process was not nearly as difficulty as it seems. 
I'm not going to go into detail about the recipe which I got from here, just wanted to point out the one thing I did differently. I did not use apricot or strawberry preserve as seen in a lot of Facebook recipes but instead I used melted butter, some brown sugar, and lemon juice. Which was delicious!

So first thing first I'm the realest. . . lol

No but seriously first thing first is slicing the apples an half and cutting the core out.

After core cutting, slice your apple into thin slices, sprinkle the lemon juice over your slices and than sprinkle the brown sugar over next. 

Next lie your apple slices in a straight line overlapping each other and begin to just roll it. 

Place those beautiful "apple petals" into your pie crust 

Sprinkle brown sugar on top (I like it sweet)

Bake at 375F for about 20-30 minutes (until your crust is nice and brown)

And Viola! Your ready to enjoy your delicious treat!!! I placed our pies into mini pie pans after they cooled just because we had company and it made it a bit fancier lol

Sprinkle sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Well in our case strawberry ice cream since that's Peanut favorite and your good to go. I must say these make the perfect Fall treat and it's so damn cute. Let me know what you guys think

- XoXo

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