Giving An Old Chair New Life

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Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a new dining room set, why not just change out those ugly chair seats? 
When Mr. B and I moved into our first apartment a very close family friend of our's got us a very nice dining room set. The set was in excellent condition and came with an extendable dining room table, six chairs, and a china cabinet. . . ooo did I mention the set was from her great grandmother who purchased it in the 60's?! The dingy mustard color yellow seat cushions were a complete eye sore, and literally killed all hopes and dreams I had planned of ever hosting a holiday party at my house. Yes the seats were that bad, but no we could not turn down such an amazing set. After having the dining set for a year and moving into a bigger apartment I thought "THIS CAN NOT BE LIFE?!" I was so sick of those mustard color yellow chairs that went with NOTHING in our place. One day while scrolling through Pinterest I came across a post about How to Upholster Chairs I wish you guys could see the look of relief on my face. I immediately got to work!   

Here’s how easy it is to change out those seat fabrics.

First thing first was to get rid of the old fabric using pliers. It's literally the hardest part of this project. The staples are a B-I-T-C-H!!! 

After removing the ugly fabric and getting down to the foam and board we are ready to recover.
I used the old fabric as my "pattern" for the new covers by laying it on top of the new material and cutting around it.

Pull the fabric as tight as possible and begin stapling.

Now your ready to reattach it back to the chair. So just pop it back into place and screw in your screws. 

And Voila! You just gave an OLD chair NEW life

What's your next D.I.Y project? Hopefully it will be recovering a pair of old chairs....

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