. . . And than there were 3!!!

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I am so happy to announce to the world that we are expecting baby number 3!!! Of course we told close family and friends immediately, but unfortunately we suck at keeping secrets. We tried to keep it on the "hush hush" but this isn't a secret one can hold for a long period of time! I decided to do a pregnancy announcement for my Facebook friends and family that we don't see often but would be thrilled about the news. Here's a few photo's of my DIY photoshoot:

Peanut WAS NOT happy when she found out the news but I guess it grew on here lol now she's hoping for a little brother. 

                  It was so diffucult to keep the dog still along with a very fussy 2 year old.

Overall I think the pictures came out kind of awesome! Seriously this was a really unexpected surprise that we have accepted with open arms! So hurry up October 2016!!!! We haven't announced the sex of the baby yet so you can always submit your guess. Which team are you on Team Girl or Team Boy???

FYI: After the doctor visit today the baby heartbeat is currently at 140 and I am 22 weeks

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