5 Nontraditional Ways to Make Money From Home + No Typing Necessary

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     This is a bit of a long post so bear with me because it's worth it! Let me start by saying that I never thought I would be making money while sitting at home! Let's start from the beginning back in December of 2015 Mr. B, Sprout, and Cesar were involved in a hit-in-run accident while crossing the street on their way home. I was at work when I got the call telling me that my fiance and daughter had been hit by a drunk driver. I panicked. . . literally I had a panic attack, so many thoughts running through my brain, I just needed to GO! I told my supervisor about the call I just got from my mom and that I needed to leave now and go to the hospital. He looked at me like I was crazy and politely told me I could not leave (mind you I been at this job for almost 3 years), I was shocked and just straight up pissed. Like dude did you not hear me when I said my 1 year old was hit by a freaking car???!!! That was the moment I said "FUCK THIS SHIT". . . okay I didn't literally say that but in my mind that's what I said before I gathered my stuff and walked out. 

    To make a long story short Sprout was 100% okay (kids are resilient), Cesar made his way back home (I swear he is one smart dog), but unfortunately Mr. B suffered the most damage. He suffered a broken ankle, fractured shoulder, and multiple bruises. I lost my job that day but honestly it made me realize that life is way too short to work for a company (excuse my language) that could give two shits about you! From that day on I vowed to put my family first and do what makes me happy. . . so far so good.

    Lets get back to the reason that your here since we are currently expecting princess number 3 and Sprout is still not in daycare we decided it would be best for me to stay home and focus on the girls for now. It may sound nice to be a stay at home mom but I'm not use to relying on one source of income. I got crafty and started thinking of ways I could make money from home.

                                   5 Nontraditional Ways to Make Money From Home:
  1.  DogVacay- Potential to make up to $100 a day. I LOVE animals, dogs in particular (don't tell my cat) but some people really dislike dog walking or just they just don't have the time and that's where I come in. I charge about $15-30 for walks, $25 per dog for pet sitting at my house, and $80 for pet sitting at the client house. It's kind of cool because Cesar is such a social dog so it's like he makes a new friend everyday. I know dog walking isn't for everyone but I enjoy it, besides I have to walk Cesar anyway why not get paid while doing it?! You can use my code for discounts on pet services and $10 towards your pet sitting business DogVacay

  2.  Airbnb- Endless earning potential. I say endless earning potential because you set your own prices and can make as much as you want. We're still new to Airbnb but so far it has been a great experience. This past month we hosted a couple from Washington, DC that came to our city for the DNC convention. We put the girls bed in the playroom and rented that room out for 5 days, we made a quick and easy $850. All we did was provide our guest with the house rules, clean linens, and the wifi password ( I did tell them to help themselves to whatever is in the fridge but that's not necessary). This is a easy form of income if you have a spare room and live in a bustling tourist area. Use my link to get your hosting business started you can earn a $100 just by hosting your first trip Airbnb
  3. Blog- Blogging is not only fun and informational but it can also be your money making baby. The good thing about blogging is you can write about whatever your little heart desires. Blogging is like Youtube videos for readers, and just like Youtube stars get paid for the content they post bloggers get paid the same way. You can make $200 and up for sponsored post and don't forget the additional bucks from affiliate ads such as Google Adsense and Amazon. Blogging is also a great way to test new products and tell the world all at one time if you love it or hate it. You can always get started with a free blog from Google Blogger or Wordpress.
  4. Online Shop- This also has endless earning potential based off of what your selling. I haven't been selling for that long but the few items in my blog shop have sold pretty good so far. My kids and just about everyone we have came encounter with absolutely love the light up sneakers. They are a great fashion statement and last forever because they come with a charger. You can setup your free 14-day trial online shop with Shopify.
  5. Sell Your Craft- If it wasn't for me being home with my kids all day I probably would've never got in tuned with my inner artist. My craft is reupholstering furniture. I love taking something old and boring and creating something new and beautiful out of it. I typically chair between $60-$80 per chair but it depends on sizes. The point is I enjoy every minute of it and get paid to do it! Whatever your niche is tap into it and capitalize off of it.

Your Turn: Have you tried working from working from home? What have you done lately? 

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